is a Spark Bot that MSPs use as their automated dispatch assistant so they can be freed from their desks to help clients more efficiently and effectively, armed with knowing what they need to know, when they need to know it, no matter where they are. On-call, Support Desk, Sales, and Administration can interact with their MSP toolset more effectively because they are being pushed relevant and actionable intel about the ticket they are working, the opp they are walking into a meeting with, the client on the other end of the phone, or their technicians’ timesheets.
FASTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: With Ada, information from multiple programs is available at your fingertips. For example, an inbound phone call can display caller ID in Spark along with account information and history from ConnectWise and payment status from QuickBooks. When someone calls in, the information you need to create a new ticket is gathered for you instantly, so you can get right down to the reason they are calling.
BETTER CUSTOMER INTERACTION: People want to go where everybody knows their name. It’s frustrating to call a service desk, enter your customer number into the phone, and then get connected to someone who asks for your name and customer number. What is the point of entering it into the system if the person on the other end doesn’t get that information? These frustrations are minimized with Ada since you have the caller’s details before you even pick up the phone.
BETTER INTEROFFICE COMMUNICATION: A core strength of any successful MSP is the ability to work together to help solve issues. Through the software integrations in Spark, you and a coworker can discuss an issue that is giving you problems. If your coworker can provide a timeframe for their availability, you can assign a task through programs like Trello directly from the Spark interface. Collaboration with your coworkers becomes so much more efficient when you are able to communicate effectively with programs and people.